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Features FROSCH offer an environmentally friendly products. The brand's product rely on traditional proven ingredients together with natural household remedies and Frosch harnesses these formulas to deliver "Feel good eco-quality since 1986" This means that the tensides (surfactants) used are based on plant-derived raw materials that are readily biodegradable. Aggressive substances or potentially harmful ingredients such as phosphates and formaldehyde are rigorously excluded from the very beginning; instead, proven household remedies were - and are still - used.

Types Cleaning, Dishwashing, Washing, Baby, Room Fragrance, Hand Soap, Shower-Gel

Manufacturer Werner&Mertz GmbH



Features ORTHOMOL develops and distributes food supplements and dietary foods for special medical purposes which are employed in special circumstances or as part of nutritional therapy. ORTHOMOL's work is based on the results of reasearch into nutritional medicine. ORTHOMOL products are now available in more than 30 countries around the world, mainly in the European countries, but also in the USA, Korea, Japan, Russia countries. Every day, numerous international enquiries confirm the huge interest in ORTHOMOL products.

Types Immun, Immun pro, Vital M, Vital F, Arthroplus, Osteo, Natal, Fertil plus, Femin, Tendo, Magnesium Plus, etc.

Manufacturer Vertriebs GmbH