a Hub of Asian and European market


    About Us

Built February 2016, CU C&T has introduced and sold valuable products from Asia to Europe and the opposite way as well. 

We've participated in a various Messe, making reliable business partnership.



    May              ISU Special Oil Co,. Ltd. Partnership & Oil exporting

    June             Ronax GmbH Oil Partnership & Oil exporting

    November   Wingkorea Co,.Ltd. Parnership 

    December   E-Life Co,.Ltd. Partnership


    January    Eberhardt Oil GmbH Partnership & Shell Oil exporting

    Fabruary   CU C&T GmbH Established

      Carbo Oil GmbH Partnership & Carbo Oil exporting

                        Luxo shopping GmbH Partnership

    March       Tautropfen GmbH Partnership

      GU Networks Co,.Ltd. Partnership & Tyre exporting

    April          Bidbuy Korea Co,.Ltd. Partnership

        Allergika GmbH Partnership

    August      DH International Co,.Ltd.Partnership

    October     Naver Storefarm Online-shop Open


  January      the light house s.r.l Partnership

                       Salzburg-Patisserie GmbH Partnership

                       ZHG(Omega Pizza) GmbH Partnership

                       Huober Brezel GmbH Partnership

  Fabruary     Beauty Cosmetic Co,.Ltd. Partnership 

  March         Schaebens GmbH Partnership

  April            HECH GmbH Partnership

                       AQUA MINERAL from the Dead Sea Partnership

  May             Easy Gourmet GmbH Partnership

      Sissel Silencium Exclusive Partnership

  June            Rigamonti Italy Partnership

  July             Dafi Partnership

  September Sauber Oil Partnership & launching in Korea

  November  Huegli Gruppe - Natur Compagnie

      Eden Partnership



  January      Jeil Machinery CO,. Ltd Partnership

                       Naveta Co,. Ltd Partnership

  February     DOS Truffle Oil Italy Partnership

                       Hamlitsch Oil Austria Partnership   

  March         Stonline GmbH Partnership

       Brand Market Co., Ltd

  July             Rotpunkt GmbH Partnership

                      Frosch Reinigungsmittel Export

        Koike Sanso Kogyou Co., Ltd